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Inherited cardiovascular conditions (ICCs) is a term used to describe a variety of inherited, familial diseases of the heart and great vessels. The main types affect the heart muscle (called the cardiomyopathies), the electrics of the heart (channelopathies) and the major blood vessel coming from the heart (aortopathies). Each of these diseases in some cases can be life threatening. 

This website is intended to support clinicians and anyone involved in the care of someone with an ICC. It hopes to provide the opportunity for you to access relevant, high quality information about these conditions. 

The Association of Inherited Cardiac Conditions (AICC) is a National organisation which brings together a network of expertise from all over the UK, who work together with patient representatives, healthcare professionals and voluntary organisations to support improvements in the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of people with ICCs. We aim to deliver standardised quality care across the UK which is accessible for all and to benchmark care delivery according to evidence based guidelines and audits of practice. 

"For 15 years the Association of Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions (AICC) has led the way in providing education, research support, and a voice for the whole community of doctors, nurses, genetic counsellors, patients and others seeking to improve the care of those with ICCs. The landscape of Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions is changing rapidly. Over the next 15 years, together, we will build further upon this fantastic work!" 

We encourage all with an interest in cardiology, genomics, inherited or acquired cardiac conditions to join the AICC. These conditions, whilst reportedly rare, are collectively common and are associated with unnecessary and preventable sudden death. It is important for all doctors looking after patients with heart disease or familial disease to have an understanding of how to optimally manage ICCs.


Join our annual meeting and training events to collaborate and learn from world-leaders in the field of inherited cardiovascular conditions. We are keen to grow and develop. If you would like anything to be included here, or if there are any upcoming events that you think would be helpful to other patients and/or clinicians, please get in touch via the 'Contact us' section or 


Dr Jan Till

Past President of the AICC

St Catharine's College Cambridge

Credit Ian Olsson

AICC Conference 2024 
Provisional Programme

The two-day 2024 AICC National Conference will focus on key practical areas in ICCs and genomics with practical tips on delivering optimal care and provide an update on latest guidelines and emerging evidence relevant to practicing clinicians and allied professionals to meet cardiology, clinical genetics and general medicine curriculum.

Both days will also address the competency framework for nurses and genetic counsellors.

Follow the link below for this years provisional programme. 

AICC Conference 
St Catharine's College Cambridge
11th-12th November 2024


Our Annual Conference will be held at St Catharine’s College in Cambridge this year as we continue our tradition of alternating between London and hosting the conference outside of London.

Registration details to follow, but please put the date in your diary and remember that participating in this annual event is a superb opportunity to meet new colleagues, share ideas and grow our ICC community.

Submit Your Abstract or Clinical Case for the AICC Conference 2024

We invite members to submit abstracts and clinical cases. The highest ranked submission will be published on the AICC website and invited to present at the AICC National Conference taking place in Cambridge in November.


The deadline for submission is: September 10th 2024 

The abstract submission form is available now. Only submissions in this format will be considered. 

About the Association of Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions (AICC)

We aim to provide consistent, top quality education and training, advice on management and best practice, as well as acting as a forum for data collection, audit and collaborative research. Membership is open to clinicians, nurses, counsellors, scientists and professions allied to medicine, as well as to persons from organisations and charities involved in support of such families.

Management of inherited cardiac conditions is currently one of the most rapidly evolving areas in cardiology. The last decade has seen a major change in our recognition of these conditions from apparently rare isolated disorders, to a group which collectively are common and which may be associated with the tragedy of unnecessary sudden death.


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