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Lead Clinician
Adult Cardiology
Regional Service Hub
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Paediatric Cardiology
Clinical Genetics
Genetic Counsellors
ICC Specialist Nurse
Psychological Services
Adult Cardiology Email Address:
Adult Cardiology Telephone No:
Paediatric Cardiology Telephone No
Paediatric Cardiology Email Address
Clinical Genetics Email Address:
Clinical Genetics Telephone No:
Genetic Counsellors Email Address:
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ICC Nurse Telephone No:
ICC Nurse Email
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB), Nuffield House, 3rd Floor Room 17/E, Mindelsohn Way, Edgbaston , Birmingham, B15 2WB. Dudley Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B18 7QH.
West Midlands Genetics Laboratory
Central & South
Shared role
Cardiomyopathies Inherited Arrhythmias Aortopathies Neuromuscular Conditions/Mitochondrial Disease SADS Screening
Dr Manish Kalla (Electrophysiology) Dr William Bradlow (Heart muscle) Dr William Moody (Heart muscle) Dr Paul Clift (Aortopathy) Dr Bode Ensam
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
0121 3714448
Dr Vinay Bhole (Electrophysiology) Dr Ashish Chikermane (Aortopathy & Heart Muscle)
Dr Helen Cox Dr Suresh Somarathi Dr Saba Sharif (Aortopathy) Dr Deborah Osio (Aortopathy)
Ms Frances Lane Mr David Walker
Ms Georgiana Neculau Ms Reena Dini Mrs Debrah Ntini
0121 371 4448 or 0121 371 4472
0121 3714544 - 0121 3717884
0121 335 8024 ext 5604
0121 335 8024
0121 371 4775 079202 66957 07810851375 07867 373578
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