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Bristol and South West Inherited Cardiac Conditions Service
ICC Service, Level 7, Bristol Heart institute, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Terrell St, Bristol BS2 8ED. Department of Clinical Genetics, St Michaels Hospital, Southwell St, Bristol BS2 8EG.
South West
South West
Prof AG Stuart (Cardiology)
Cardiomyopathy Channelopathy Aortopathy Neuromuscular (mitochondrial disease referred to Oxford) SADS screening Barth Syndrome Specialist Clinic
Prof AG Stuart (EP/Aortopathy/cardiomyopathy) Prof Guido Pieles* leaving jan 2022 Dr Ashley Nisbet (EP/SADS) Dr Ed Duncan. (EP/ SADS) Dr Eva Sammut (All ICC) Dr Steph Curtis (Aortopathy/c=Cardiomyopathy) Prof Jules Hancox (Cellular EP/Research Channelopathy) Dr Steve Hamer (Cellular EP/Channelopathy)
Bristol /
Prof AG Stuart (EP/Aortopathy/Cardiomyopathy) Dr Catherine Armstrong Dr Cecilia Gonzalez (EP) Dr Georgia Spentzou (EP) Prof Jules Hancox (Cellular EP/ Research Channelopathy) Dr Steve Hamer (Cellular EP/Channelopathy)
Prof Ruth Newbury Ecob Dr Karen Low Dr Ingrid Scurr
Nicky Jackson
Di Barlow (Paediatrics) Nina Edwards (Adult) Anna Sice (Adult Arrhythmia nurse with interest in ICC)
0117 3428852
0117 3428852 /
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