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Adult Cardiology
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Paediatric Cardiology
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Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital; Thomas Drive, Liverpool L14 3PE
North West
North West
Dr Derek Todd
Cardiomyopathies Inherited Arrhythmias Neuromuscular Conditions/Mitochondrial Disease SADS Screening
Dr Derek Todd (Cardiomyopathies, channelopathy, EP, devices) Prof Rob Cooper (Heart Muscle; Septal Reduction, CMR, Sports Cardiology) Dr Victoria Petermerides (Cardiomyopathies, Channelopathies, Echocardiography, Sports Cardiology) Dr Timothy Fairbairn (Advanced Imaging) Dr Simon Modi (Channelopathies, cardiomyopathies, devices, EP, ASA) Dr A Rao (Cardiomyopathies, devices) Prof D J Wright (Cardiomyopathies, devices) Prof Rod Stables (Intervention, septal reduction) Mr Mark Pullan (Cardiothoracic surgeon, septal reduction and valve disease) Dr Afshin Khalabari (Imaging - Inherited Aortopathies, Marfans) Dr Richard Snowdon (Devices, sarcoid)
Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital
01516001391 / 01512543185/ 01512543181
Dr Michael Bowes (Based at Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool)
Dr Victoria McKay Dr Natalie Canham
Mrs Louise Dubois Mrs Kim Clarke
Mrs Karthryn Abernethy Mrs Angela Langton
Dr Jane McLachlan
0151 600 1270 option 2
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