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London - Barts Heart Centre
Department Of Inherited Cardiovascular Disease Unit (ICVD), Barts Heart Centre, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, West Smithfield, London EC1A 7BE.
Royal Brompton Genetic Laboratory
North Thames
Dr Neha Sekhri (ICVD (Cardiomyopathies) Prof Pier Lambiase (Channelopathies) Dr Fiona Walker (Aortopathies)
Cardiomyopathy Channelopathy Aortopathy Neuromuscular disease (jointly with Queen Square) Mitochondrial disease Metabolic disease (jointly with Elaine Murphy) SADS screening Inflammatory heart disease (myocarditis, sarcoid)
Dr Neha Sekhri (Cardiomyopathy) Prof Perry Elliott (Cardiomyopathy) Prof Saidi (Sam) Mohiddin (Cardiomyopathy) Dr Constantinos O'Mahony (Cardiomyopathy) Dr Luis Lopes (Cardiomyopathy) Dr Konstantinos Savvatis (Cardiomyopathy) Dr Oliver Guttmann (Cardiomyopathy) Dr Massimiliano Lorenzini (Cardiomyopathy) Prof Pier Lambiase (Channelopathies/Arrhythmia Syndromes) Prof Richard Schilling (Channelopathies/Arrhythmia Syndromes) Dr Martin Lowe (Channelopathies/Arrhythmia Syndromes) Dr Fiona Walker (ACHD, Aortopathies) Dr Katherine von Klemperer (ACHD, Pregnancy) Dr Bejal Pandya (ACHD, Aortopathies)
Barts Heart Centre
Cardiomyopathy: Channelopathy:
Cardiomyopathy: 020 3765 8611 Channelopathy: 0203 76 58644
Prof Juan Kaski (Great Ormond Street)
Huafrin Kotwal Sinead Horgan Antonetta Malan
Cardiomyopathy: Linda Moss, Fiona Kearl, Nicola Champion, Henrietta Amponsah Channelopathy: Charlotte Ives, Lucy Sivaraman, Claire Kirkby
Victoria Kelly
020 3765 8611
Linked with GOSH
0203 7658612 or 7658875
0203 7658644
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