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Adult Cardiology
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Paediatric Cardiology
Clinical Genetics
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Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Inherited Cardiac Conditions Service (NI ICC), Level 10 South, Belfast City Hospital, Lisburn Rd, Belfast BT9 7AB.
Manchester (via Belfast)
Dr Alison Muir
Cardiomyopathy Channelopathy Aortopathy Neuromuscular disease Mitochondrial disease Metabolic disease SADS screening
Dr Alison Muir Dr Damian McCall Prof Pascal McKeown
Belfast City Hospital (Belfast Health and Social Care Trust)
Prof Frank Casey Dr Jane Murray (Assoc Specialist)
Dr Gillian Rea
Helen Connolly Tracy Jardine Joanne McOsker
N/A or (by invitation only)
02895047057 or (by invitation only) or (by invitation only)
02895042626 / 02890632989 / 02890636454
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