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Adult Cardiology
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Paediatric Cardiology
Clinical Genetics
Genetic Counsellors
ICC Specialist Nurse
Psychological Services
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Inherited Cardiac Conditions Service, Dept of Cardiology, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, S5 7AU. Sheffield Children's Hospital, Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TH. Clinical Genetics Department, Outpatients 2, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, S5 7AT.
North East
North East & Yorkshire
Prof Nigel Wheeldon
Cardiomyopathy Channelopathy Aortopathy Neuromuscular disease Mitochondrial disease Metabolic disease SADS screening Inflammatory heart disease (myocarditis, sarcoid) Amyloid
Prof Nigel Wheeldon Dr Nigel Lewis Dr Oliver Watson
South Yorkshire Cardiothoracic Centre, Sheffield
0114 305 5021
Dr Rupa Talekar
Dr Jackie Cook Dr Oliver Quarrell Dr Alisdair McNeill Dr Mick Parker
Richard Sayers Carrie Hammond Mary Jones Jo Patterson Sharon Pagdin Freya Doherty Alyson Bradbury Jessica Bowen Tammy Kammin Claire Green
Rachel Walker Karen Angelini Naomi Taylor Alison Moore Elaine Hobson Donna Kelf Charlotte Lee Tina Bennett
0114 271 7025
0114 271 7025
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