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What we do

The AICC undertakes a range of activities to support improvements in the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of people with an inherited cardiac condition such as: 

  • The AICC has developed and implemented new and enhanced services for people with inherited cardiac conditions and supported specialist teams in developing the same.

  • The AICC has developed a National Directory of Services to enable enhanced communication and support across the network and is supporting the improvement in data management in the area of ICCs whilst working closely with service providers and others to ensure improvements in care.

  • The AICC has developed nationally agreed protocols and guidelines to support the better, safer management of patients.

  • The AICC provides education and training for specialist and non-specialist staff involved in the management of people with inherited cardiac conditions (ICCs). This includes national conferences, webinars, cases of the month, online training and raising the profile of ICCs to a wider audience.

  • The AICC is very active in promoting and involving people affected by ICCs in the development of services.

As well as producing guidelines and protocols, educational opportunities, developing services and involving patients and their families the AICC also has a more strategic role in the delivery of care:

  • Advice on clinical delivery to NHSE and Genomics England

  • Strategic input through the NACHD (National Advisory Committee on Heart Disease)

  • Strong links with the third sector and charitable organisations

  • Work with the Coroner and other agencies


The AICC aims to drive forward clinical standards for ICCs through education, national guidance and networks of care which facilitate equitable access to quality care irrespective of postcode. 

Guidelines, Papers and Publications

The AICC hopes to publish National guidelines on the management of AICCs to facilitate the benchmarking of quality standards across the UK for ICCs. It endorses peer reviewed publications, reviews and scientific papers.

Research highlights

The AICC hopes to promote innovative research and to bring together partners to pioneer novel research in this field of cardiology and to translate these findings back into clinical practice.


Education and Training opportunities

The AICC is keen to impart knowledge to help others learn and excel. Our educational activities aim to train the next generation of doctors to ensure that patients and their families with ICCs receive the very best of care they deserve.



I would like to thank the AICC for an excellent conference which was inspiring and educational.


Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the AICC journey. 


I can't begin to thank you enough for everything you have done to help improve care for families such as ours.

Thank you

Mrs HM

A massive thank you for signposting us to the critical information. 

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