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AICC Annual Conference 2024

St Catharine's College Cambridge 11th-12th November

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Preliminary Schedule 2024

*Subject to change

Day 1  

  • Polygenic risk scores: applications for clinical practice

  • Personalised family screening in inherited cardiac conditions

  • Clinical screening and genetic testing in children

  • Updates from the NHSE ICC service specification

  • The ICC nurse network

  • Neuromuscular disorders: what the cardiologist needs to know

  • Arrhythmic risk in inherited neuromuscular disorders

  • Cardiac sarcoid: the ESC position statement 2024

  • Novel therapies for amyloidosis

  • Vascern guidelines for paediatric aortopathy surveillance

  • Spontaneous coronary artery dissection

  • Aortopathy: the surgeon’s perspective

  • iPSC modelling of genetic vascular disease

Day 2 

  • Unexplained cardiac arrest: an imaging focus

  • Updates on Idiopathic VF

  • Management of VT storm in ICC patients

  • ICD choices in young ICC patients

  • The generation study

  • Fetal bradycardia: clinical implications and relevance to inherited arrhythmia syndromes

  • Brugada syndrome in children

  • Paediatric transition services

  • Setting up a Mavacamten service

  • Targeting early cardiomyopathy

  • Gender differences in cardiomyopathy

  • Inflammatory presentations in cardiomyopathy

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