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New positions on AICC Council 

AICC Council Elections 2023 – Nominations for Council Members

Dear AICC Member,

If you would like to contribute to the running of your Association, then please do apply to become a member of AICC Council. This is your opportunity to help shape how AICC develops over the next years.
Details of the vacancies are as follows: 

  • 1 x Trainee Representative in Cardiology

  • 1 x Trainee Representative in Genetics 


All 3 years with eligibility for re-election for a further 3 years
Who is eligible to apply?
We welcome interest from anyone who is a current AICC member and would like to join the council. 
The successfully elected candidates will officially join Council for the first meeting following the election result.
How to apply
1. Complete and return to the Nomination Details Form (AND ensure that you are proposed and seconded by current members of AICC(view final page of this document), with the Subject line: AICC 2022 Elections. If you encounter any difficulty in finding a proposer and seconder, please let us know.



2. Complete and return to the Equal Opportunities Monitoring form. This is a British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) template that AICC are also following. All applicants irrespective of role applied for are asked to complete this. The completed form is only held and kept on file at the AICC Office, and does not form part of the voting papers and will not be published online.



Current composition of AICC Council
4 Officers

  • President: Stephen Page, Consultant Electrophysiologist, Leeds

  • Joint Secretaries: Eleanor Wicks and Gerry Carr-White, Consultant Cardiologists Oxford and London, respectively.

  • Treasurer: Rachel Bastiaenen

9 x Ordinary Council Members

  • John Dean, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, NHS Grampian

  • Rachel Walker, ICC Nurse Specialist, Sheffield Teaching Hospital

  • Claire Turner, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Heavitree Hospital

  • Nora Shannon, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Nottingham University Hospital

  • Kate Thomson, Allied Health Professional, Oxford Medical Genetics Laboratory

  • Dimitra Antonakaki, Trainee Rep Cardiology, St Bartholomew's Hospital

  • Luke Starling, Paediatric Cardiologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital

  • Joseph Westaby, Pathologist, St George's Hospital

  • Stephanie Oates, Genetic Counsellor, Great Ormond Street Hospital


Council meets four times a year, including on the morning of the AICC Annual Meeting for the AGM. The other 3 meetings are currently taking place virtually via Teams (usually in March, June and September). You are expected to attend a minimum of 3 meetings a year and to take an active part in the organisation of the Annual Meeting in December.
If you would like to have an informal chat about a nomination, please contact me at
Or alternatively contact the BCS Membership Team
The deadline for applications is 23:59, Monday 4 December 2023.


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